Road Update from Chuck

Oct 3rd 2011 – 8:54pm – Amsterdam

Here we are on a day off in Amsterdam taking in some rest and enjoying a good time together off of the stage. Since we kicked off in Bristol rehearsing for a few hours on the great ship Thekla, we’ve managed to not only learn more songs in a few days than most of us learn in a year but have a ridiculously great time! We are here on this year’s Revival Tour with Brian Fallon, Dan Andriano, Dave Hause, Ian Perkins, Jon Gaunt, Joe Ginsberg w/ a top notch crew made up of Matt Steinke, Dan DelPrincipe, Joe Amato, Hollie Fallon, Jill Ragan en route and our great driver Andy Howson.

What’s so special about this tour and the camaraderie that is the blood flowing through its veins is the sheer fact that egos and hierarchy is completely non-existent. Whether you’re a worker, a player, the driver, the promoter or a sweet couple cooking homestyle food to share with people passing through, you’re treated the same. You’re respected the same. This is what I love the
most about this tour. The shows have been incredible. We’ve all learned a massive amount of songs and material in a very short period of time which makes it the most challenging tour I could ever be on as a musician. The magic that is happening with friends on the stage is something that we’ll be able to take with us forever. Away from those lights, it’s the moments, conversations, shared coffee and drink, friendly debates and mutual awakenings that will make these bonds and friendships last a lifetime. I’m more than honored to be here and could not feel more proud of my wife, my family on and off of the road and my team that has helped us bring this tour that we believe for others to see, hear and enjoy.

Amsterdam is sold out tomorrow. Other shows have sold out or are selling out of tickets as well. We’re fired up and coming in hot with our guns blazing! Come have a great time with us! If you don’t, I can just about guarantee that you’ll witness everyone else around you having one! Forward on! Thank you for the support friends! We love you and are looking forward to the rest of the gigs!! -CR