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Fare Thee Well, Revival Tour 2011!

October 31, 2011

10/26/2011 – Grass Valley, CA

We just recently arrived home from The 2011 Revival Tour held overseas. This year we crossed the borders of Ireland, England, Scotland, Austria, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands and Switzerland. We hammered out 19 gigs in 21 days, sold out half of them, packed out the rest and made it home alive and well. Haggard but well. I have to say that each and every year we’ve been able to bring this special tour, it’s becoming more and more inspiring and special each and every year. This year we saw the likes of Brian Fallon, Dan Andriano, Dave Hause, Jon Gaunt, Joe Ginsberg, Ian Perkins w/Brian performing Horrible Crows acoustically, special guest appearances from some of the UK’s up and coming underground artists such as Helen Chambers, Sam Russo and Jimmy Islip, Dublin’s own Brian Brody, a magnificent and inspiring Franz Nicolay who dropped by in Switzerland, plenty of crowd participation along with a few endearing appearances (and performances) from a few special kids from 5yrs old to 10yrs old!

We can’t thank everyone enough for coming out and supporting this tour and what it’s all about. Our hats off to all of the show-goers, supporters, Lee Jeans, our friends and promoters, the refugee children and caregivers at Refugio, Mirko, Thomas Dreux, Side One, Andy our driver, Jill Ragan, Chris Trovero and The Revival Camp, The Agency Group and the whole crew and crews who kept the show running when we were running on empty! We’ll certainly work hard and look forward to the next time around!

Folks have always asked why this tour is called The Revival Tour. Simply put, this music and the way that it’s shared has re-established my faith in the camaraderie of music, touring, writing and the reasons and importance of sharing music with the world by way of connecting with the people who care about it. Not to mention the challenge of learning a ton of songs within a week and performing them in front of a live audience! This is The Revival Tour and I’m revived and happy to say that it’s made an impact on my life and lives around me. Let’s aim to keep it steady for quite some time! Till the next time my friends, fare thee well!

Chuck Ragan

The Revival Tour 2011 Comp – Digital

October 24, 2011

Hey all!

For those that didn’t get one of the physical LPs from the Revival Tour, you can get it digitally on iTunes by clicking here.

Thank you!!!

October 19, 2011

This round of the Revival Tour has come to an end!

Check out this amazing video footage from Germany and some photos from Shepherd’s Bush!

Now it’s time to get ready for the USA!

Stop Motion Video from Nottingham

October 10, 2011

Hey all,

There are only a few dates left of the tour! We’re winding down to the final week. Very few tickets remain, so be sure to get yours soon.

Check out this stop-motion video of the Revival Tour in Nottingham. Hope to see you at the gigs!

Venue Change – Portsmouth

October 7, 2011

We’ve changed the room in Portsmouth. We are now playing at Wedgewood Rooms. Please take note!

Road Update from Chuck

October 3, 2011

Oct 3rd 2011 – 8:54pm – Amsterdam

Here we are on a day off in Amsterdam taking in some rest and enjoying a good time together off of the stage. Since we kicked off in Bristol rehearsing for a few hours on the great ship Thekla, we’ve managed to not only learn more songs in a few days than most of us learn in a year but have a ridiculously great time! We are here on this year’s Revival Tour with Brian Fallon, Dan Andriano, Dave Hause, Ian Perkins, Jon Gaunt, Joe Ginsberg w/ a top notch crew made up of Matt Steinke, Dan DelPrincipe, Joe Amato, Hollie Fallon, Jill Ragan en route and our great driver Andy Howson.

What’s so special about this tour and the camaraderie that is the blood flowing through its veins is the sheer fact that egos and hierarchy is completely non-existent. Whether you’re a worker, a player, the driver, the promoter or a sweet couple cooking homestyle food to share with people passing through, you’re treated the same. You’re respected the same. This is what I love the
most about this tour. The shows have been incredible. We’ve all learned a massive amount of songs and material in a very short period of time which makes it the most challenging tour I could ever be on as a musician. The magic that is happening with friends on the stage is something that we’ll be able to take with us forever. Away from those lights, it’s the moments, conversations, shared coffee and drink, friendly debates and mutual awakenings that will make these bonds and friendships last a lifetime. I’m more than honored to be here and could not feel more proud of my wife, my family on and off of the road and my team that has helped us bring this tour that we believe for others to see, hear and enjoy.

Amsterdam is sold out tomorrow. Other shows have sold out or are selling out of tickets as well. We’re fired up and coming in hot with our guns blazing! Come have a great time with us! If you don’t, I can just about guarantee that you’ll witness everyone else around you having one! Forward on! Thank you for the support friends! We love you and are looking forward to the rest of the gigs!! -CR