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March 28, 2012

For all of our friends that are using Spotify you can check out the Official Revival Tour Spotify playlist right here

Baron Magazine Contest

March 24, 2012

Enter this Baron Magazine contest to win an intimate lunch and acoustic performance with Chuck Ragan, Dan Andriano, Cory Branan and Nathaniel Rateliff in Montreal, QC on April 2 at 12 PM at atelier b.! To enter, just send your name to! Food will be catered by Fontaine Santé.

Baron Magazine Contest

Free Download of the 2012 Tour Sampler

March 22, 2012

Free Download of the 2012 Tour Sampler

Next Round of Special Guests!

Hello out there! My name is Dan Andriano, and it is good to be out on The Revival Tour. Along with Cory Branan, Tommy Gabel, Chuck Ragan, and myself, we’re gonna be joined in Virginia Beach and Towson, Maryland by none other than Tim Barry. In Philly, you’re gonna hear the likes of Dave Hause from The Loved Ones. In Providence, Rhode Island we’ll be joined by Brian McGee of Plow United, and Lenny Lashley. In New York City on the early show, we’re gonna be privileged with the voice of Kayleigh Goldsworthy of The Scarlet Ending, and on the late show in New York City, we’ll all be looking forward to the raw talent of Jenny Owen Youngs. In Cambridge, MA, the one and only Parkington Sisters. There may be some more surprises along the way, so follow The Revival Tour and all the artists who are on it on Twitter and Facebook. You’ll be the first to find out the scoop. Alright, enjoy, and we’ll see you guys soon.

Special Guests

3/27 Baltimore – Tim Barry
3/28 Philadelphia – Dave Hause
3/29 Providence – Brian McGee
3/30 New York – 1st show: Kayleigh Goldsworthy / 2nd show: Jenny Owen Youngs
3/31 Pittsburgh – TBA
4/1 Boston – Parkington Sisters

For a full list of dates, visit Tour Dates, and buy special ticket packages through More special guests will be announced next week!

American Songwriter Contest

March 20, 2012

American Songwriter

American Songwriter Magazine is giving you the opportunity to win a Chuck Ragan 7″ and a pair of tickets to The Revival Tour in Nashville on March 22 at Mercy Lounge. The deadline is March 21 at 1PM, so make sure to get your entry in now!

The Revival Tour – Special Guests

March 15, 2012

Greetings friends!

We’re pleased to say that we’re about to embark on our 5th year of The Revival Tour next week! First and foremost, we would love to thank all of the artists, workers, friends and family who have supported this tour as well as the ethics and camaraderie behind it. We could not have made it this far without each and every one of you from day 1 to now and we thank you with all of our hearts! We’re honored to bring it back for another year and are thrilled to see the special collaborations unfold on the stages ahead! The Revival Tour has been invited to have a one off showcase at SXSW on March 16th. That show will feature Tim Barry, Audra Mae, Cory Branan, Dan Andriano, Nathaniel Rateliff, Joe Ginsberg, Jon Gaunt, Chuck Ragan and possibly some surprises! This tour and the line-ups that will take these stages can be as unpredictable as anything!

Come March 19th, RT2012 will head South to Corpus Christi to officially kick off the tour. This year the U.S. run will be featuring Cory Branan, Nathaniel Rateliff, Dan Andriano, Tommy Gabel and Chuck Ragan. We’ll all be accompanied by Joe Ginsberg on the upright bass and Jon Gaunt on the fiddle. We’ll also be announcing special and surprise guests reguarly as the tour progresses! We’re all beyond excited to get this kicked off in Texas and hope to see you out enjoying yourselves along with us! We’ll see you soon friends!

Special Guests

3/20 Dallas – Corey Howe of The Dead Flowers
3/21 Little Rock – Adam Faucett
3/22 Nashville – Joshua Black Wilkins
3/23 Atlanta – TBA
3/24 – 3/25 Orlando/Jacksonville – Greenland Is Melting
3.26 – Virginia Beach – Tim Barry

For a full list of dates, visit Tour Dates, and buy special ticket packages through More special guests will be announced every Thursday!